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Ingenium Group

The Ingenium Tecnología Group is a holding company that was established in 2010, with a 100% Spanish shareholding to provide financial support for the group’s brand and to centralise its administrative-financial, marketing and legal services so that the group’s subsidiaries can maintain the focus of its business on meeting their clients’ needs.

AlaiSecure - Compañia: Grupo Ingenium Tecnología

It works mainly in the information and communications technology sector, and primarily on developing solutions and services for Fixed and Mobile telephony.

It has an interesting portfolio with references at the highest level and an international presence, with operational deployments in more than 10 countries.

Grupo Ingenium consists of the brands JSC Ingenium, SUMA, Alai Secure and AlineaSol.

Grupo Ingenium: JSC Ingenium Grupo Ingenium: SUMA móvil Grupo Ingenium: Alai Secure Grupo Ingenium: AlineaSol

On July, 2018, the Private Equity fund Alantra PEF III acquires a majority stake in Grupo Ingenium Tecnología. In addition, the transaction includes the incorporation of 100% of AlineaSol (specialized in the creation of customer service technology and business support systems), a company which now becomes an integral part of Grupo Ingenium.

The agreement between Alantra and Grupo Ingenium reaffirms its willingness to continue investing in new projects with great projection of international growth and is the recognition of a well done job.