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In 2012, Alai Secure became an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and began to provide services using the Orange network’s coverage, and the first M2M operator in Spain specialising in Telco Security.

Since then Alai has focused all its efforts on R+D in order to continue offering the highest security standards to guarantee that all communications take place under conditions of complete security.

As part of its firm commitment to being a leader in the field of M2M services, in 2014 it launched its new High Performance SIM card, especially designed for M2M communications, in order to provide a service under extreme conditions and be able to meet any demand in any environment.

Its strong focus on SECURITY means that its client base naturally consists mainly of large corporations in the field of Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs): security, health, etc. where security is also an essential part of the company’s services, and which need a high level of service and a maximum guarantee for their communications.